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  2013.04.05  17.52
Pray for her and for them

In a period of less than one month, two of my three sisters had surgery for the same problem, though not the same reason. Quite weird and shocking, to be honest, but I guess that just shows how much "tied" we are to each other. Now, one of them is still in the hospital and we are looking forward to more studies that will tell us if there are more problems and if she will need another surgery. Apparently, everything is going well and she won't, but I really need all the prayers and good vibes you can send to my whole family, especially to this one sister. Thank you so much. God bless you all.


  2012.12.09  00.14

Pray for me now too. My husband just told me that the girl he's been seeing (that he told me he wasn't, and was subsequently sleeping with both of us) is now pregnant. 

So now there's no chance of reconciliation, he's cheated on me and another girl (she's only 19) is pregnant, and I'm just left wondering what I ever did to deserve all of this. I have two kids that are going to suffer, and my poor little one, my 9 month old, doesn't even know who his father is because he sees him so little as it is. 

I'm in shock and trying to hold onto my sanity. 


  2012.12.07  15.47

My husband walked out on our family suddenly just shy of 4 months ago. He left me, our almost 6 year old and our then 5 month old. I believe he suffered from a nervous breakdown, as our relationship was fine before his extremely demanding job went south and a few other strange extenuating circumstances suddenly made things blow up and he fled. 

After these 3 months I went from shock to grief to anger to resentment and now I'm back at square one and I just really want him to come back (assuming he gets the necessary help/counseling/medicine...otherwise its not happening). He hinted at reconciliation last week and it was the first time I'd even considered it. Regardless of the fact that he's done some pretty messed up things, I really feel that it would be best for our family for him to get healthy and come home. 

I know I'm not in control of it. So I would like prayer for him and his health (regardless of whether or not we reconcile) and his heart. He has the potential to be an amazing person, and I want whats best for him. I don't know what God's plan is, but he could definitely use the extra prayers in his direction. Thanks. 


  2012.08.04  17.44
Car accident

My friends were in a car accident this early morning. The husband, David S. had a seizure and flipped his truck with his wife, 5 kids and 2 nieces inside. The wife possibly has a broken back and was rushed to surgery for her eye. Their second daughter, Krissy, is in a coma with brain swelling and not doing well. Their other kids were hurt as well. 3 of them were taken by Life Flight. 

Please pray for this family. They are dear friends of mine. 


  2012.03.27  01.17

I havent had a job in 3 years, I keep looking and still nothing. so please pray i find something that is the right fit for me. thank you prayer warriors *hugs*

Mood: discouraged

  2012.03.19  00.23
Prayers requested...

... for both me and my boyfriend. We're both going through a lot and both of us are experiencing shaken faith. As a couple, we're not doing that bad, but both of our personal and professional lives are in turmoil and we're very anxious about what the future holds for us. I know I'm not supposed to be afraid, but I am.

I'm so sorry, my Father God. I don't know how not to be scared right now. I need your help. I need you to hold me and give me peace. Satan is hard at work trying to discourage me and I can't see you through all of the turmoil he's putting out there. Satan is fighting for control right now; I need your help to stave off the attack. I need you, Father, and want to serve only you. Thank you for being here, even if I can't see you right now. Amen

Thanks for listening everybody.

Mood: scared

  2012.01.12  03.14
Pray for a good man

He was a teacher where I went to piano classes. He had a stroke about 3 years ago and he has been in coma since then. He has 3 little girls who I imagine have been suffering a lot. They recently detected a tumor in his stomach, and they said there was nothing to do, that it was just a matter of time since in his state he can't have surgery.
I ask you to pray for him, that he can get better and survive this, that he can wake up from the coma. If it's not God's Will that he survives, despite all these years of suffering, I ask you to pray that he doesn't have a painful death, that he can have peace, because I know he's a good man.


  2011.09.06  15.14
Safety on the road

Every time I read prayer request pages, I see all those in need and my troubles do NOT compare. But this I must give to God, for I know no prayer is too small.

I have driving anxiety. I have since I first started driving a year ago. Because of it, I try to avoid driving, try to have people with me when I drive, and carry a GPS with me at all times.

I cannot remember routes well due to my anxiety. I get very nervous when surrounded by other cars on the highway, or when I have to drive at a speed over 40 mph. It makes me feel live a danger to other people on the road, because I do not feel like I have control over my anxiety.

I need help, so that I am not a danger to myself or others while driving, and do not have to avoid social events and visiting friends and family due to my anxiety.


  2011.07.18  22.09
Prayer request

I have a good friend that's in limbo not knowing whether or not she's miscarrying. She's getting some more tests run tomorrow, but their prognosis isn't good. She's highly distraught and asked that I get anyone I know to pray. Thanks! 


  2011.06.22  19.26
For a friend

This is a prayer request for friend of mine. Tomorrow she will be undergoing brain surgery for removal of a tumor. She is only 24 years old. Please pray that her surgeon has steady hands, and that she has a full recovery without any unexpected nerve damage. Thank you everyone. This really is an amazing community.


  2010.11.26  18.40
Hello everybody

It's been a few months since I posted, but I read and pray whenever I see posts. I'm asking for prayer for both myself and my boyfriend (his name is Ira). We're both going through some tough times. Among the things we pray for together:

~ We are looking for a church to attend together. He has a church that he used to attend and wants to go back to, but his ex-wife (who verbally abused him for years) still goes there and still makes his life miserable. She stalks him and it wouldn't be safe for him to go there.

~ We both need help in mental health areas. He suffers from depression and I suffer from bipolar disorder. We seek out the Lord daily for strength. It gets hard sometimes.

~ Our financial situations aren't ideal. He struggles with his job (not a good work environment), and I struggle with being too sick to have a job. I'm on social security disability (at 30 years old). It is unknown whether or not I will be stable enough to work ever again.

I'm very thankful for him. This is the first time I've had (an openly) Christian boyfriend. I think that helps a lot. We lean on each other and the Lord together.

Thank you everybody. God Bless :)

Mood: sad

  2010.11.05  17.15
A girl in DESPERATE need of help

 A very popular makeup guru on youtube (who is also a fellow Christian), Kandee Johnson, posted a video recently about a friend who is in desperate need. She has an illness that cannot be named and her insurance, doctors, etc. have just given up on her. She needs some serious help. And I thought what better way to get help for her then to let other Christians know about her situation. Watch the video link below to get more information on what you can do, etc. I'm cross posting this to a few different comms, but feel free to post it anywhere you think would get it attention.

Edit: Unfortunately, too many people on youtube were posting really rude, mean, negative comments to Kandee's first video about her friend, and once a video gets a certain number of spam marked comments, they remove a video (which seems rather unfair to the person who made the video.) Here is an update video.



  2010.09.09  23.04
Kyron Horman

Hi everyone. I'm not related to Kyron and I never knew him or his family. But because he is missing I have been following his story very closely. He reminds me a lot of my 7 year old. I think and pray about him daily and I can't get him off my mind, nor do I want to.

Today is Kyron's 8th birthday. I just want everyone here to please take a second to pray for Kyron. Pray for him to be safe and also come home soon. Pray that God surrounds him in his white lite and also holds the hearts of his biological parents. Please just pray for him and his family. We have all seen that prayer and positive thought works. Please, lets pray. Thank you.



  2010.07.23  04.21

Having bad thoughts tonight. I guess pray for me for peace and to be okay with bad stuff that has happened in the past. About two years ago I went to a guys apartment that I had been dating for a month and half we had never kissed and my impression was that he was a good guy I trusted him. There at the apartment he was completely different he took my clothes off against my will and held me down for hours and said I was his. He let me up once to go to the bathroom and that is what I keep on going back over when I'm trying to sleep like what if I had ran out the door naked and got some help would it have been better would have made it to get help or would he have beat me worse for running. Its a little bit hard as well trying to hide bad things like this that happened in the past from my current boyfriend I dont really want him to know and I dont want to think about this kind of stuff i want it to be in the past. So pray for me that I can put these bad experiences in the past and feel okay and not look back and analise them.


  2010.05.27  10.55

 Today between 12 or 12:30 my grandmother,mary lou, will have a sad surgery. A surgery that will amputate all 5 toes and the top of her foot. She is miserable, scared, and upset. Please pray for a succssful surgery, God's pease, and freedom from the pain she has been experiencing the past 6 months. Please pray for new life, for laughter, for joy to enter her life. It's so difficult to see a woman you care about, and helped raise you...suffer so greatly! Please pray that the enemy would flee, that his lies and disease, and complications would fall at the wayside, and only God's love and peace would remain in Detroit this afternoon. Thank you


  2010.05.08  18.17

Hi. Could you please keep me in your prayers for the rest of the month? I'm not nearly as motivated as I need to be. Finals are approaching, and I need to prepare. Thanks all. 


  2010.03.21  15.21
Need prayers & advice, my son and I may soon be evicted.

Please keep my son and me in prayer.

Has anyone here ever been evicted? If so, how did you or are you deal(ing) with it?

I live in Ohio. I mention that only because I know that laws,rules, etc. vary from state to state.

I currently rent a house (which I have lived in from September 1996). Originally it was my husband, me and our two children. My husband died in April of 1999 and then it was just me and my children who were ages 15 and 16. My daughter moved out in 2002 before she graduated (or it may have been sooner than that). She got married in 2004. My son has stayed and is now 27.

I can give more details if you think you need them.

Long story short. I have a real gut feeling that we will not have the money for the rent coming up on the 1st of April. So I also have a gut feeling we will be evicted.

(We came very close a few years ago but got the money in time, I don't think that will happen this time).

I guess what I need to know is, what to expect. What will happen? Will we have enough time to find another place? Will we be able to stay here until I can sell, give and/or throw away most of our stuff/junk albeit the essentials?
Hopefully a friend will take us in (although at the moment I don't know who that will be (if anyone).
What can and can't the landlord (and his wife) do to us and/or our stuff? A lot of it is more or less "junk" but I do have a few things I would like to keep/have.

Please any help, advise, suggestions, etc. is/are greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks

(I am trying not to be scared but have to admit that I am). :(


  2010.03.04  06.23

I have a friend who is going through some hard times; I don't want to go into it because it's kinda personal, but I believe God knows her situation.

Could you guys pray for her to stay strong? Thank you. :)


  2010.02.26  13.34

On Wednesday 3/3, I'm visiting an MHAP opening. I believe the plan is to do an overnight to see if I can handle it. I think that if that goes ok, I'm near the top if not at the top of the waiting list. So, I may be out of the group home soon!!

Please pray for me that I don't blow this.


Mood: anxious

  2010.02.20  06.45

I need some prayer for patience really badly. I have no patience with people who don't know how to work their computers, and I tend to get asked to help them a LOT. I know I can use this opportunity to be a light to others, and I'm too busy trying to brush them off because I have a bad attitude about it.

Prayer is appreciated. Thank you. :)


  2010.01.21  19.43

My mother (Alene) was recently told by her doctor that she has a heart problem. She is having a test Friday (Jan. 22) morning to find out what the problem is. Please pray that the test goes smoothly, as she is very nervous and worried about it. Most importantly, please pray that the results are good and that the problem is nothing serious. Thank you very much!

Mood: hopeful

  2010.01.04  17.27

Please pray for my roommate, Suzanne. We found out some really bad news today that may keep her from finishing college if her appeal isn't approved. Please, please pray that God will help us find a way.


  2009.12.21  16.45
Prayer request for a Dear Friend

Please lift up my dear friend Colleen in prayer.
She is not eating right or drinking any fluids. Another friend of mine told me she just picks at her food and is also concerned she will become dehydrated.
Also mentioned that she (Colleen) just wants to sleep all of the time. Please pray she gets the help she needs. Thank you.


  2009.11.14  23.01
Hopin for new employment

I was laid off back in July... and now I found this amazing part-time job that has flexible hours that are perfect for my school schedule. Just need some folks to put in a few words for me if they can... I need the money otherwise I probably won't stay in school, and while I feel I did well in the Interview, its in a highly competitive field, so lord knows they've probably already gotten a ton of applications; they forwarded me to their higher-ups, so here's to praying.


  2009.11.02  17.25

Please pray for my Grandfather. He is in the hospital because of his heart.

His name is Dieter.

Thank you.


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