Abby (mejane_83) wrote in ljprayerteam,

Kyron Horman

Hi everyone. I'm not related to Kyron and I never knew him or his family. But because he is missing I have been following his story very closely. He reminds me a lot of my 7 year old. I think and pray about him daily and I can't get him off my mind, nor do I want to.

Today is Kyron's 8th birthday. I just want everyone here to please take a second to pray for Kyron. Pray for him to be safe and also come home soon. Pray that God surrounds him in his white lite and also holds the hearts of his biological parents. Please just pray for him and his family. We have all seen that prayer and positive thought works. Please, lets pray. Thank you.!/pages/Missing-Kyron-Horman/125336750831264
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