suitetwentytwo (suitetwentytwo) wrote in ljprayerteam,

A girl in DESPERATE need of help

 A very popular makeup guru on youtube (who is also a fellow Christian), Kandee Johnson, posted a video recently about a friend who is in desperate need. She has an illness that cannot be named and her insurance, doctors, etc. have just given up on her. She needs some serious help. And I thought what better way to get help for her then to let other Christians know about her situation. Watch the video link below to get more information on what you can do, etc. I'm cross posting this to a few different comms, but feel free to post it anywhere you think would get it attention.

Edit: Unfortunately, too many people on youtube were posting really rude, mean, negative comments to Kandee's first video about her friend, and once a video gets a certain number of spam marked comments, they remove a video (which seems rather unfair to the person who made the video.) Here is an update video.
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