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Hello everybody

It's been a few months since I posted, but I read and pray whenever I see posts. I'm asking for prayer for both myself and my boyfriend (his name is Ira). We're both going through some tough times. Among the things we pray for together:

~ We are looking for a church to attend together. He has a church that he used to attend and wants to go back to, but his ex-wife (who verbally abused him for years) still goes there and still makes his life miserable. She stalks him and it wouldn't be safe for him to go there.

~ We both need help in mental health areas. He suffers from depression and I suffer from bipolar disorder. We seek out the Lord daily for strength. It gets hard sometimes.

~ Our financial situations aren't ideal. He struggles with his job (not a good work environment), and I struggle with being too sick to have a job. I'm on social security disability (at 30 years old). It is unknown whether or not I will be stable enough to work ever again.

I'm very thankful for him. This is the first time I've had (an openly) Christian boyfriend. I think that helps a lot. We lean on each other and the Lord together.

Thank you everybody. God Bless :)
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