lonequack (lonequack) wrote in ljprayerteam,

Safety on the road

Every time I read prayer request pages, I see all those in need and my troubles do NOT compare. But this I must give to God, for I know no prayer is too small.

I have driving anxiety. I have since I first started driving a year ago. Because of it, I try to avoid driving, try to have people with me when I drive, and carry a GPS with me at all times.

I cannot remember routes well due to my anxiety. I get very nervous when surrounded by other cars on the highway, or when I have to drive at a speed over 40 mph. It makes me feel live a danger to other people on the road, because I do not feel like I have control over my anxiety.

I need help, so that I am not a danger to myself or others while driving, and do not have to avoid social events and visiting friends and family due to my anxiety.
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