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Prayers requested...

... for both me and my boyfriend. We're both going through a lot and both of us are experiencing shaken faith. As a couple, we're not doing that bad, but both of our personal and professional lives are in turmoil and we're very anxious about what the future holds for us. I know I'm not supposed to be afraid, but I am.

I'm so sorry, my Father God. I don't know how not to be scared right now. I need your help. I need you to hold me and give me peace. Satan is hard at work trying to discourage me and I can't see you through all of the turmoil he's putting out there. Satan is fighting for control right now; I need your help to stave off the attack. I need you, Father, and want to serve only you. Thank you for being here, even if I can't see you right now. Amen

Thanks for listening everybody.
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