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My husband walked out on our family suddenly just shy of 4 months ago. He left me, our almost 6 year old and our then 5 month old. I believe he suffered from a nervous breakdown, as our relationship was fine before his extremely demanding job went south and a few other strange extenuating circumstances suddenly made things blow up and he fled. 

After these 3 months I went from shock to grief to anger to resentment and now I'm back at square one and I just really want him to come back (assuming he gets the necessary help/counseling/medicine...otherwise its not happening). He hinted at reconciliation last week and it was the first time I'd even considered it. Regardless of the fact that he's done some pretty messed up things, I really feel that it would be best for our family for him to get healthy and come home. 

I know I'm not in control of it. So I would like prayer for him and his health (regardless of whether or not we reconcile) and his heart. He has the potential to be an amazing person, and I want whats best for him. I don't know what God's plan is, but he could definitely use the extra prayers in his direction. Thanks. 
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